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Cristina Romeo - Founder and Creative Director

Cristina Romeo’s diverse and versatile background has kept her perpetually moving toward achieving her greatest potential.

At the age of 7, Cristina began to show an interest in theater arts. Her inner creativity yearned to express itself. So when on stage, it was only natural for her to act and get involved with learning the techniques of stage makeup. She found a muse in the ability to transform into the characters she portrayed through the use of makeup. Cristina ultimately became a member of the International Thespian Society.

Her newfound love for makeup propelled her toward pursuing a career in the industry. She attended Joe Blasco Makeup Academy at the original Sunset Gower Studios. After a year on intensive daily curriculum, she realized this was the path for her. Cristina moved forward and became a salon artist for years.

She then ventured out to San Francisco, New York and even Florence, Italy where she experienced the highlights and pitfalls of a budding freelance artist. Upon her return to the salon industry, Cristina knew she needed to create her own environment to blossom as a creative force. Through commitment and passion, her company was born.

With a continual effort to learn, expand and create, she has embarked upon the freelance world once again from an established and successful business owner perspective.

Cristina has collaborated, worked with and for with a high profile list of clientele. Allowing her the opportunity to participate in the following professionally creative experiences as a lead director of makeup teams at numerous company’s fashion shows and events.

Portfolio: New York Fashion Week Spring 2010, LA Fashion Week Spring 2011, working with Silver Star, Jerell Scott, Korto Momolu, Roberto Cavalli, Cynthia Steffe, LA Fine, Alicion, Ed Hardy, Mark Echo, Gee La Ree, French Connection, A Rock Amore, Nappi, Betsy Johnson, Madison Marcus, Nanette Lepore, Robert Rodriguez, Million Dollar Denim, NCL Couture.

As Cristina continues to be a leader in the Los Angeles fashion world, she continues to spread her talents. She has begun an education system to train new budding artists in an effort to expand student’s makeup expertise on a professionally creative and technical level.

To find out more about the program or to book an appointment, call (818) 501-4951 or email

Ashley Smith, Senior Artist

Ashley Smith has nurtured her artistic curiosity since she was a little girl, playing with her mother’s makeup and always looking out for inspiration. Coming from an artistic family, her creative endeavors have been supported along the way.

As she got older, Ashley turned her attention to healthy skin care, and it became, not merely an interest, but a priority for this Wood Ranch resident. Ashley naturally began to pursue a career in skin care, and her steadfast drive pushed her to become a salon professional.

After becoming a licensed esthetician and completing numerous makeup classes, Ashley soon realized how much she loves being on the other side of the chair.

Ashley gained experience in several small day spas and looked forward to working at an elegant studio, where she would focus on beauty in all its aspects. And so she found Polaris.

Ashley, as a Junior Artist, was taken under the guidance and training of Cristina Romeo, Polaris Cosmetics’ owner and creative director. Since that mentorship, Ashley has advanced to Senior Artist, and she now independently runs the Thousand Oaks location.

Despite the demands, and rewards, of running her own salon for Polaris, Ashley has enjoyed multiple opportunities to work New York Fashion Week, where her expertise and work ethic help designers pull off some of fashion’s most demanding and trend-setting shows.

Ashley is committed to the growth of the business and to fashion. She continuously perfects her make-up skills and stays ahead of the trends at all times.

To book your appointment, Ashley can be contacted via or call (818) 501-4951.

Jacquelyn DeRosa ~ Senior Artist and International Representative

Jacquelyn DeRosa has always had an amazing eye for fashion. As a young girl, she modeled and acted, so naturally, makeup and beauty appealed to her. Because she grew up in an artistic household, Jacquelyn always knew her career would lead down a creative path.

She knew she wanted to continue to work within the entertainment industry, only instead, she preferred to be on the other side of the chair.

Jacquelyn attended the renowned Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Soon after, she pursued a career as an esthetician. She graduated from the Marinello School of Beauty in Los Angeles with an emphasis on skin care and makeup.

Jacquelyn began her career with Polaris Cosmetics, Inc. in 2004. Since then, Jacquelyn has done makeup for the Orpah Show and for legendary actress Merial Hemmingway. She assisted famed Makeup Artist, Klexius Kolby-the personal makeup artist for Madonna, Janet Jackson and Eva Longoria.

Jacquelyn has also been a key makeup artist for countless runway shows for top designers like Pucci, Valentino, Blue Marine, Jerell Scott, Korto Momolu, NCL Couture, Carmen Steffens, Graham & Spencer, Champagne & Strawberry, Matty M, Whitley Kros, Moon Collection and many more. She's also done makeup for Inter Force Records' album covers and for American Film Institute movies.

Jacquelyn DeRosa is true Los Angeles style and talent; she embodies everything that is current and fashionable. She offers chic makeup techniques for weddings, special events or a simple night on the town.

Recently, Jacquelyn has taken her keen eye for fashion and artistic spunk abroad. Now residing in France, she serves as Polaris Cosmetics international representative.

She can be contacted and booked via

If you are visiting France, look her up at:

Errin Sakakini, Freelance Artist

My passion for makeup started when I was a little kid. I asked my Dad for a big pink makeup kit for my fifth birthday and I will never forget the feeling of opening it. I was the happiest little girl alive! I immediately knew that makeup was something I wanted to do as a career.

I loved the ability it gave me to try different styles and highlight different facial features. I started convincing my friends to allow me to do their makeup, as to play with new colors and techniques. My thirst for knowledge led me to buy magazines, not for the articles, but to see how they applied and marketed different makeup styles. I was intrigued by the unique way each artist applied and presented the same tools to create drastically different looks.

The application of makeup is fascinating in that it can help to create a mood, such as the styles in movies and ads. Inspiration surrounds me everyday, and because of that my passion continues to grow. Following this passion has taken me many exciting places; such as doing makeup for weddings, family photos, special events, James Campbell fashion shows plus photo shoots, L.A. fashion week as well as N.Y. fashion week.

To contact or book an appointment with me, I can be contacted via email at or (818) 501- 4951.

Kimberly Leverenz- Special Projects Assistant

With a love for the fashion industry, Kimberly brings her vibrant knowledge of style and trends to Polaris Cosmetics.

As Polaris Cosmetics becomes involved in special events including photo shoots, music videos and fashion shows, Kimberly makes sure her abilities are lent to the team.

With a keen eye for detail and organization, she is able to coordinate and synchronize any chaos that happens behind the scenes.

Kimberly is an invaluable asset to our staff. She looks forward to expand her talents and hone her skills, as she will participate in the new education program launching in 2012.

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