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Full Make-Up Application (Lashes and Brow tailoring not included)

$105 WeHo - $150
Cristina: $135 WeHo - $200

Custom blended foundation utilized to highlight, shade and perfect your canvas naturally. Impeccable eye, cheek, and lip color application creates a flawless look.

Airbrush Make-Up Application (Lashes and Brow tailoring not included)

$105 WeHo - $150
Cristina: $135 WeHo - $200

Designed originally for Television and Motion Pictures. Waterproof pigments are gently misted upon your face and body creating a smooth feather light foundation that will last until the next day.

Mini Make-Up (Foundation and brow tailoring not included)

$55 WeHo - $75
Cristina: $75 WeHo - $100

Eye Make-Up

$38 Cristina: $55

Individual Lashes with or without Make-Up


Wedding Make-Up See Bridal Section

Make-Up Lessons - Adult

$150 Cristina: $200

Learn about your face. With this lesson you will receive a detailed face chart, a before and after picture, and a follow up critique. What to bring? Your clean face and all of the make-up you use on a regular basis. We’ll help you siphon through what to keep and what to throw away.

Make-Up Lessons - Pre-Teen

$50 Cristina: $100

First Time Eye Brow Tailoring

$38 WeHo - $75

The art of designing your eyebrows to compliment and balance your facial features. This is your introduction to eyebrow shaping at its best.

Eye Brow Tailoring

$35+ WeHo - $50

Regular maintenance to keep your custom Polaris eyebrows in top form.

Eye Brow Lightening

$18 WeHo - $30

Lighten up! A simple yet effective way to open and brighten the eye area and also compliment your hair color.

Eye Brow Tint

$18 WeHo - $30

Tint darkens, fills in the gaps, covers the grey and enhances the shape of your eyebrows all by using a skin safe vegetable dye.

Eyelash Tint

$30 WeHo - $40

Utilizing an eye safe vegetable dye, accent and darken your lashes. You’ll see fuller, richer looking lashes.

Eyelash Perm

$70 WeHo - $125

Curl up. If you have straight lashes or you spend too much time curling them, then a lash perm is what you need. This eye safe comfortable procedure takes only 30 minutes and you’ll leave with the beautiful eyelashes you’re looking for without harming them. Our lash perm lasts 2 ½ to 3 months.

De Fuzzy Face

$25 WeHo - $50

Painlessly removes unwanted facial hair. Your make-up will lay smoother on your face, you’ll be fuzz free.

Lip, Ear, or Nose Wax

$15 WeHo - $30

Self-explanatory and if you haven’t had it done then you’ve certainly heard about it. Following your wax we’ll cool and soothe the area with a piece of chilled freshly cut aloe vera. Ahhh.

Polaris Bride

Polaris Cosmetics has created countless classic brides using a sheer layering technique that appears natural and flawless. Our talented team of artists are stylish, highly trained, and versatile. Escape to our studios or let us travel to you for an unforgettable, dependable, relaxing experience.

Bride Make-up Tuesday – Sunday in Salon

Cristina - $250 WeHo - $350
Senior Artist - $150 WeHo - $200
Junior Artist - $125 WeHo - $175

Bridal Party Make-up Tuesday – Sunday in Salon

Cristina - $135 WeHo - $150
Senior Artist - $105 WeHo - $105
Junior Artist - $85 WeHo - $95

Additional Services

Lashes with Make-up - $25 WeHo - $65
Lashes w/o Make-up - $35 WeHo - $65


OVERTIME FEES: $200 per hour, per person

On Location Fees

One-time flat rate, per artist, to have our team travel to your wedding destination is in addition to prices listed above. Price covers cost of being outside the studio, gas, set-up and break down, studio chairs, travel time, etc.

Cristina - $250, Senior Artist - $175, Junior Artist - $150, Assistant - $100

*Prices are subject to change based on individual needs.

Please review the information above. If everything is agreed upon, please sign and either IPHONE Picture or mail your contract back. Once your contract is received, you’re wedding is considered booked.

  • A cancellation within 2 months of the wedding date will be charged 100% of total wedding cost.
  • Bride is responsible for total cost of wedding and any cancellations.
  • At least one picture, which exemplifies our work, must be provided to us.
  • Bridal party members may pay individually.
  • Total Cost above does not include gratuity.
  • Artists prefer cash tips day of wedding.

Polaris Cosmetics is excited to offer a relaxing and tranquil eyelash extension experience you’re sure to love Attached to your own natural lashes, the eyelash extensions seamlessly add a seductive and youthful look to your eyes. The extensions stay on during high levels of activity and water exposure, allowing you to take on the world and bring out the inner goddess in you!

Eyelash Extensions

Full Set - $300Half Set - $150Touch Ups: $75+


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